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Network Estimates

Phosphor estimated cost for our platform contracts per mainnet. On a blockchain network, each contract action usually sends some amount of data; the more data (or bytes) you sent, the more gas is used to process that action. The estimates below are based on average data sent per action. The more data (bytes) you need to store in your contract, the higher amount of gas per action. This also works in your favor, the smaller your data size, the cheaper gas expenses are.



Testnet Transactions

For Testnets transactions are sponsored & stress-free! We cover your testnet transactions. That's right, no more hunting for testnet tokens.

Cost in USD

Billable transaction are charged in USDC when using a crypto wallet; or charged in USD when using a fiat payment via a Stripe account.

Contract Action Explained
  • Deploy - Deploys the contract to blockchain network. For all contracts.
  • Admin Mint - Mint and send a token to a wallet address. For all contracts, except Signature ERC721.
  • Admin Mint Multiple - Mint and send 1 or more tokens to a wallet address. Only for Signature ERC721.
  • Admin Mint With Uri - Mint with a custom metadata URI and sent a token to a wallet address. Only for Frozen ERC721.
  • Create For Admin Mint - Create an ERC1155 token with its maximum supply and optionally mint and send to admin wallet address an initial amount of the token. Only for ERC1155 contracts.
  • Set Base Uri - Set the base URI of the contract. This is uri location where all the contract's token metadata an be viewed. The base URI updatable until Set Permanent Base Uri is called. For all contracts, except Frozen contracts.
  • Set Permanent Base Uri - Sets an unchangeable base URI. For all contracts, except Frozen contracts.
  • Set Default Royalty - Set a default royalty percent for all token under the contract and a receiver wallet address. For all contracts.
  • Set Token Royalty - Set a single token's royalty percent and a receiver wallet address. For all contracts.
  • Reset Token Royalty - Reset a single token's royalty back to default contract royalty. For all contracts.
  • Safe Transfer From - Safely transfer a specific token from one wallet address to wallet another.