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Manage your API keys

An API key is associated to a user within an [organization]. One user can create multiple API keys. Users can also delete API keys.

Admin API requires authentication using an API key. Much of the creation and management of your organization's settings, users and collections are handled by this API. For endpoints dealing with these privileged services, an API key is needed.

Public API doesn't require an API key. These endpoints are not for managing services, but allows you to publicly share data about your collections, listings, and claims with external frontend tools (your website, claim site, or an online store).

See API Reference for more details about Admin vs Public endpoints.

Generate your first API key

Use the dashboard to generate your first API key.

Navigate to Settings > API Keys and click Create API Key button.

Give a name to your new key to identify it for later, and then click Confirm button. The new API key is now displayed.

Make sure you copy this API key to a secured storage of your own, as the API key will be displayed only once. :::

Use your API key in requests

API key needs to be defined at header level in your HTTP request.

Use the following header name to set your API key value : Phosphor-Api-Key


curl --location '' \
--header 'Phosphor-Api-Key: d12398176d134d179ea32713c0725XYZ'