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The Phosphor platform keeps track of its interactions with the blockchain using Transactions.

Actions that trigger a transaction include:

Transaction state

created_atIndicates when the transaction was created by the platform.
dataJSON object containing all the data needed to sign the transaction.
failure_countNumber of times this transaction has been unsuccessfully executed.
idInternal platform identifier.
network_idInternal platform identifier of the blockchain network.
nonceActive nonce of the signer.
on_chain_statusIndicates if the transaction has been confirmed on-chain.
signerAddress of the wallet responsible to sign this transaction.
stateInternal state of the transaction.
tx_hashOn-chain transaction hash of this transaction.
tx_typePlatform action or feature of the transaction.


  • FAILURE - Failed to include the transaction in the block because an error occurred.
  • SUCCESS - Successfully included the transaction in a block.


  1. PENDING - The transaction is created and waiting to be assigned a signer.
  2. QUEUED - The transaction is cancelled by the platform.
  3. SUBMITTED - Transaction is submitted on-chain and has a tx_hash. It's waiting to be included in a block.
  4. COMPLETED - The platform picks up that the transaction is included in a block.

Transactions with state CANCELLED don't get picked up again by the platform.


The most common values for tx_type are:

  • DEPLOY_TOKEN_CONTRACT - Issued when a collection contract must be deployed.
  • TRANSFER_TOKEN - Issued when an item must be transferred to a new owner.
  • ADMIN_MINT, ADMIN_MINT_NO_ID, ADMIN_MINT_WITH_URI - Issued when an item must be minted.
  • FUND_ACCOUNT - Issued when a wallet must be sent funds in order to sign transactions.