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Billing & Balance

Phosphor Developer simplifies the process of on-chain transactions, such as deploying a new smart contract or creating an NFT, by managing these operations on behalf of our users. Unlike many web3 platforms, with Phosphor Developer, you don’t need a crypto wallet to get started.

We operate with an internal organization balance. Our platform goes through the hassle of getting the necessary cryptocurrency to operate on the blockchain of your choice and charges your balance for the costs associated with creating and managing NFT drops. This means that each time an on-chain transaction is initiated, we handle the processes on our backend and deduct the transaction cost from your balance.

How to Fund Your Balance

You can fund your balance through our Developer Dashboard. Simply navigate to the ‘Billing & Balance’ tab. Here, you can add funds via fiat (using a credit card) or crypto.

  • We have a minimum funding amount, which varies based on your chosen funding route. For the crypto route, the minimum is 1 USDC, and for fiat, it’s USD $10.”
  • If you opt for the crypto balance route, ensure you have USDC on Polygon, as this is the required currency.
You can get USDC on Polygon by:
  • Buying it with fiat via a fiat on-ramp service. We suggest you check Metamask Buy for your convenience.
  • If you already have cryptocurrency in your Polygon wallet, you can easily swap any other token for USDC on a decentralized exchange or directly on Metamask Swap for your convenience.

⚠️ Warning

  • Ensure you have a balance before triggering any on-chain action on any mainnet. Otherwise, your transaction will fail and will sit in the queue until you add to your balance.
  • For testnets, you don’t have to worry as Phosphor Developer takes care of gas costs on all test networks we support.

Additionally, our Developer Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your remaining balance and the details of your past transactions. You can easily track how much each transaction cost and the amount of gas spent on each one.

Remember, on-chain transactions such as deploying a new smart contract or creating an NFT require the payment of gas. Phosphor Developer streamlines this process for you, making your development journey smoother and more efficient.