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Email campaigns

An email campaign allows you to craft customized email communications to your buyers in the lifecycle of an NFT drop. For each marketing campaign, the platform provides the following customizable templates.

Template typeUsage
REDEEM_NFTSends redeem item email.
CLAIM_PINCODESends pincode verification email.
CLAIMED_NFTSends successfully redeemed email.

An email campaign has a name and an optional email_from field. The name should be uniquely identifiable, and the email_from, if set, will overwrite the value set in the email provider configuration.

The platform uses default templates (with Phosphor brand) if no customized templates are found when the email communication is triggered. Via the Developer Dashboard, nested inside the Email Campaigns tab, for each campaign you can see which templates are customized and which ones are default.

You can create and maintain multiple marketing campaigns and use them in different drops. When an email campaign is deleted, however, all associated customized templates will be deleted as well. In this case, existing listings or email claims using this campaign will reset to using platform default.