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Verify and Redeem an email claim

You can verify and redeem an email claim using the Phosphor API.


Issue a POST request to the public verify endpoint with the claim token to generate the security code.

Example response
"attributes": {
"Artist Name": "Joel",
"Date of Creation": "2022-03-30",
"description": "This is a piece representing diversity in women.",
"image_url": "",
"title": "IWD2"
"collection_id": "e0fe1317-e42d-40ea-85bd-9fcf8354971f",
"id": "ef57bb80-4279-423d-8f25-f011faea7f7b",
"listing": null,
"media": {
"image": {
"cid": "QmRexc74GRU4NNZccMXKZvWf9dzXCzZwBWHLekjaeSrRZn",
"full": "",
"original": "",
"thumb": "",
"tiny": ""
"token_contract": {
"address": "0x774A130d027D441F7F371c7ecA83AD1ad3789330",
"capabilities": [
"deploy_tx_id": null,
"network_id": 59140,
"symbol": "IWD",
"token_type": "ERC1155",
"tx_hash": null
"token_id": "2"


Example payload
"address": "ethereum-wallet-address",
"pin": "security-code-from-email"

The response status is CLAIMED if the NFT is claimed successfully.

Example response
"status": "CLAIMED",
"voucher": null

If tx_payer is set to BUYER, a voucher might be returned in the response. The voucher entitles the minter to call the smart contract with the specified contract address. The smart contract validates that the signature is by the authorized signer, and performs the mint.

Example response
"status": "CLAIMED",
"voucher": {
"contract": "0x774A130d027D441F7F371c7ecA83AD1ad3789330",
"currency": null,
"expiry": "2022-09-14T22:28:39.815092+00:00",
"id": "01aa9661-8fd4-4826-a2d0-0360dcc85beb",
"minter": "0x86e1678D75D9249F6A60c8aD76dd8dFF49225d18",
"network_id": 59140,
"nonce": 0,
"price": "0",
"quantity": 1,
"signature": "0x4e852671d0f0ab81bda06160c7455af3a7e22fccbd5a90a1e8451f8cacf4b16d2768c1d4ea76a3c5c732edb896fe02fe0b08c46a0ea97708bae309cad0c9712e1c",
"token_id": null

You can use third-party libraries such as ethers.js and web3.js to call the contract.