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Payment providers

The Phosphor platform supports multiple payment providers when you create a listing:

Learn how to manage sales payout before creating a listing.

Learn how to create different types of listings integrating one or more payment providers.

Learn how to manage mint vouchers.


Stripe accepts major credit cards, debit cards, wallets, and bank transfers. The Phosphor platform supports Standard connected accounts. Stripe also provides a full suite of APIs to manage balances, payouts, and payment intents.


The platform supports an internal construct called mint vouchers. A mint voucher is issued to a buyer at the time of purchase to mint NFTs at a certain price for a certain quantity, signed by the platform backend. When a buyer receives the voucher, they can call the collection token contract, which validates the signature and the details of the voucher, and performs the mint. Buyers are always responsible for paying gas fees when using mint vouchers.

Listings that are free (a price of 0) and use a MINT_VOUCHER payment provider will allow your web3 audience to mint your NFTs by only paying the gas.

In order to sell your NFTs with mint vouchers, you must setup a payout address which will receive the proceeds of the sale. You can then setup a listing with a price greater than 0, and your web3 audience can purchase your NFTs.

Mint vouchers are intended for a web3 audience that are comfortable issuing transactions. For a given contract, there could be only one pending voucher per minter. A buyer must redeem or cancel the existing one before obtaining another mint voucher from the same collection. See manage mint vouchers for more information on how to redeem and cancel a mint voucher.

When using mint vouchers, the buyer will always be responsible for paying gas fees, even if the listing is free.


The ORGANIZATION payment provider allows you to fully pay for your user's mints. This provider is only applicable to free mints and recipients must have an ethereum address. In order to cover all the gas fees, you must have sufficient balance.


Using the ORGANIZATION payment provider is very similar to using the MINT_VOUCHER provider for a listing with a price of 0, as both are for web3 users. The difference is that MINT_VOUCHER requires your users to pay for gas, while ORGANIZATION requires you to pay for the gas.


The platform also supports creating free mint listings using both mint vouchers and email claims. When a listing is created with price 0 and payment provider EMAIL_CLAIM, any purchase intent against the listing is immediately confirmed. The buyer receives the items in their mailbox shortly without having to make a payment. The buyer can then redeem their items following the instructions in the email.

Similarly, because of its design, the platform only accepts an email address from the buyer if you use EMAIL_CLAIM as a payment provider. See email claims for the general characteristics of an email claim.


The email claim payment provider only supports free mint listings. The price must be 0.